No action

For years, Main Street, west of U.S. 19 in New Port Richey has constantly flooded after heavy rains and has caused automobiles to stall out and possibly become damaged while trying to drive through this flooded road.

It has been this way for over 20 years and neither the city of New Port Richey nor Pasco County has done anything to correct this issue. There are over 2,000 homes west of U.S. 19 that depend on this street.

Don Heichman

New Port Richey

Vision impaired

Regarding your news article “Rebranding to Push Pasco as Vacation Destination,” having recently relocated to Pasco County from Columbus, Ohio, let me share some observations about what I see, which a tourist from out of state would also see:

U.S. 19 from the Hernando County to Pinellas County is a string of pawn shops, strip clubs, smoke shops, abandoned real estate, businesses and restaurants. What type of tourist do you think this will attract?

The county’s biggest attraction should be water and nature. Pasco has access to the Gulf and New Port Richey has the Pithlachascotee River. Neither of these natural assets are being promoted in an appropriate way for tourism.

New Port Richey could be the next Dunedin, but not with the limited vision of city planners and Pasco county commissioners.

Lisa Spencer-Novak

New Port Richey

Not alone

Regarding President Trump’s meeting with Little Rocket Man Kim Jong-un, Marty Moore seems to think that the president did this entire meeting on the fly, with no preparation. Since Moore wears blinders most of the time, he seems to have forgotten that we have two very informed and brilliant foreign advisers under the president.

I am certain the president consulted with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, the national security adviser, quite extensively before going to speak with Rocket Man. Moore’s citing critical comments from other alleged experts is laughable because since 1994 every president has given away the store for mere promises.

Charles “Chuck” Salzman

New Port Richey