Con job

We’ve been conned. I hoped for change, but we got shafted by Trump and the Republicans. Trump’s horrible secret actions, which essentially kidnapped children from their parents, disgust me.

Trump is immoral and un-American, but Fox News still supports the despicable Trump. I’m never going to vote Republican again.

Butch Williams



I’m interested in getting help for the post office in Hudson. The grounds need mowing, fertilizing, watering, weed pulling and having flowers and shrubs added. The building needs pressure washing, as do the sidewalks. The overall appearance of this site is appalling.

Doesn’t the Postal Service have a maintenance contract for each post office?

Eunice H. Calhoun


Permanent shame

Marty Moore, in his July 4 column, stated, “I have never been as ashamed of my country as right now.” He must be really, really, really ashamed this time.

Having read his anti-American diatribes for many years now, it is apparent to me that he, like most of his fellow travelers, has been ashamed of this country pretty much all his life.

Stu Raymond

New Port Richey

Bad beach idea

I'd like to know which moron state legislators thought the law that took effect July 1 making beachfront land private property was a good idea. Gov. Rick Scott signed it into law — good luck with that U.S. Senate run, Sparky — without thinking through the consequences of how it would affect tourism in our state.

When this hits social media and, believe me, it will, Florida tourism revenue will plummet. How do you tell tourists who come here they can't lie out on a towel in the sand, it has to be in the water?

The revenue this state will lose in tourism dollars will far outweigh the revenue collected from increased property taxes paid by the beachfront homeowners for that extra land.

Oh, did the homeowners not realize their taxes were going to go up significantly because of this? Huh? More unintended consequences.

Rita Kitenplon

Palm Harbor