Concerns addressed

On Dec. 11, 2018, Pasco County became the 26th Tampa Bay regional government to join the Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition. The Resiliency Coalition is an initiative of the Tampa Bay Regional Plan-ning Council. The council is embarking on its 57th year of convening the region on issues such as eco-nomic and fiscal impact modeling, environmental stewardship, geographic information systems mapping, transportation, emergency preparedness, and all hazards training.

In January 2018 under the leadership of Pinellas County Commissioner Janet Long, the council com-menced the regional resiliency coalition to address potential impacts to the Tampa Bay region from the effects of sea level rise and climate change. Commissioner Long appointed a subcommittee of elected offi-cials from throughout the region as well as a committee of technical experts. Both panels were tasked with drafting a Memorandum of Understanding for governments to consider adopting. All six counties and 21 individual city governments in the regional planning council’s area, as well as numerous cities along the Pinellas County coastline, were asked to consider joining the coalition.

Commissioner Jack Mariano from Pasco County expressed a concern about the construction of seawalls or the rebuilding of existing seawalls. He thought it was important to his constituents that language be included in the Memorandum of Understanding which would protect property from sea-level rise and storm surge. He wanted to encourage development of a regional standard for recommended design height and engineering for seawall repair or replacement.

Language in line with Commissioner Mariano’s concerns was subsequently added to the Memorandum of Understanding.

Sean Sullivan

Pinellas Park

The writer is the executive director of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council.

Roads a wreck

I am asking Pasco County government to send some money back from the east side of the county. Our main roads in West Pasco are a wreck.

People are driving all over the roads because lines need repainting. And how about some lights on critical turns and intersections?

We live and drive on this side of the county, too.

Aldo Boselli

New Port Richey