Not for life

It’s time someone thanked you for your weekly publication. I stopped reading daily newspapers a long time ago because they were so slanted politically it was impossible to believe anything they said.

You, however, were a breath of fresh air, giving equal time and space to any person wanting to have a voice on any topic or subject — and that freedom of expression extended to your regular op-ed writers.

All of us need to know what our chosen political party has in mind because sometimes even those we vote for tend to treat us, the voters, like our opinions don’t matter once they are in office. We also need to keep abreast of the opposing party; the politicians in office as well as those who put them there. You do an excellent job of walking the tightrope of fairness, and for that alone I am forever grateful.

I only have one wish for the New Year: Finding some way to convince our elected officials that we the voters want term limits for all persons elected to office, it national or local. I can find no person who thinks political office should continue to be a ‘lifetime’ occupation.

Leeman Hackworth


Overhaul trash

The headline on your Jan. 2 Year in Review article “Pasco Targets Illegal Dumpers” should have read “In-ept Commissioners Don’t Have a Plan.”

Pasco should roll the cost of trash collection in with the property tax and have two garbage days, one recycling day and one yard-waste day each week. Then assign each waste company a territory or route. All the hand wringing and threatening to impose fines because of subpar garbage collection and the resulting illegal dumping, could be eliminated if commissioners made each landowner pay a fixed yearly fee. The county is advertising recycling “For residents living in unincorporated Pasco with curbside trash service.” Isn’t it time for all residents to have garbage collection, not just for those who can afford it, and quit the ukulele jingles?

Kristen Lawver