Democrat walls

Democrats do like and use walls.

In 2014, there was an issue moving through the House and Senate that I felt strongly about. I wrote a letter to my representative and my two senators, but this time I wanted to hand deliver the letters and meet the office staff.

So, my husband and I drove to Rep. Gus Bilirakis’ office and freely walked in. They thanked us for the letter. We drove to Sen. Marco Rubio’s office and freely walked in. They thanked us for the letter.

We drove to then-Sen. Bill Nelson’s office and were met with a gate and armed guards. I could not de-liver my letter because I did not have my photo ID. My husband was inspected and then allowed to de-liver my letter. I thought it interesting that both Republican offices were freely welcoming while the Democratic official chose to be behind a wall.

By the way, in 2006, senators Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and 23 other Democrats voted to build a fence on the Mexican border.

Paula Sparks


PR garbage

I have lived on Morehead Lane in Port Richey for a little over a year. My front yard, as well as everyone's up and down the street, is covered with litter.

Being retired, I've had the time to see if it is the kids or pedestrians littering. It is not, it is the trash trucks that do not rotate their garbage, so it goes inside the trucks. It just blows off the trucks constantly. Daily, I have to go pick up garbage in my front lawn. Why aren't the trash companies being held ac-countable for this?

Port Richey looks like a Detroit slum.

Charlene Lord

Port Richey

Left amazing

Truly amazing what liberals look at as “the right thing.” As an older war veteran, to see what comes out of their mouth floors me. They should go spend a few months in a socialist-communist country to see how wrong they are. Perhaps it’s too much to grasp.

Bill Durnell