Don’t care

Let’s be honest, if the United States has named Iran a state sponsor of terrorism, the National Rifle Association should be branded a political sponsor of terrorism. If the AR-15, the rifle used in the Broward County school shootings, isn’t a weapon of mass destruction, then neither are atom bombs or sarin nerve gas.

We are still fighting a war that President George W. Bush started because he thought Iraq had nonexistent WMDs. Yet we can’t get a ban on automatic weapons from legislators who are bought and sold by the political sponsor of terrorism.

A law that makes possession of such a weapon a capital crime would go a long way toward protecting our school children, especially if it carried a minimum five-year prison sentence without parole.

At 91, I no longer believe in Santa Claus. But more kids die of cancer than from terrorism so what’s all the fuss about. I could say who cares? They certainly don’t.

John B. Mooney


Why not?

Tell me why, Legislators. Machine guns began being regulated in 1934, under the National Fire Arms Act, which was modified in 1986, and they were basically regulated out of existence. Yet, we still permit the sale of AR-15s and other rapid-fire weapons.

We set age requirements for youths to vote, drive, drink, smoke cigarettes and marry because we have decided they are not mentally mature before then. Yet, we permit the sale of weapons to them at most any age. We know children cannot, generally, open locked gun cabinets, yet we do not require gun owners to store their guns and ammunitions under lock and key at all times when not in use.

Dangerous individuals cannot fly and blow up a plane, yet they can purchase a gun and kill in minutes. Together with funds for better mental health identification and treatment, here are places to start to make us safer.

Tell me why you are not doing it.

Gerald Goen

Tarpon Springs