FBI vital

I am outraged over the op-ed column by Thomas L. Knapp suggesting it is “time to abolish the FBI.” The FBI thwarts thousands of terrorist attacks every year, and brings terrorists to justice after an attack. It also investigates kidnappings, bank robberies and money laundering, not to mention human trafficking, child pornography and all the illegal stuff on the Dark Web.

Do those who work in law enforcement have their own opinions? Yes, but that doesn’t stop them from ethically doing their job. I’m sure a police detective, who has kids of his own, and is investigating a local child molester has strong opinions about said child molester. But that doesn’t hinder that detective in his ability to do his job and bring the child molester to justice.

Now, there will always be a few bad apples in every law enforcement agency, but that doesn’t mean we throw the baby out with the bath water and “abolish” the whole agency. That’s crazy and it’s also dangerous. I’m sure our adversaries around the world hearing such reckless rhetoric, as do would-be terrorists, kidnappers, bank robbers and child pornographers. It is just shameful to throw out reckless statements like that. It makes us less safe.

Thomas Knapp should be ashamed of himself and just stop it. What he is doing and saying is dangerous — period.

Judy Spangler



I would like to thank the dozens of volunteers who made time to come and be a part of the 23rd Annual Farm Share Holiday Food Giveaway this past December. Through it 600 families from our community received fresh hams, fruit, vegetables, canned goods, breads, desserts and other items to help fill their holiday tables with good, healthy food.

The success of our latest giveaway would not have been possible if not for the hard work and dedication of dozens of people representing many government and community organizations.

Even though 2018 just started, we are looking forward to December and doing it all again.

Mike Fasano

New Port Richey

The writer is Pasco County tax collector.