Growing problem

It would appear the sleepy little community of Hudson has turned into one of the busiest towns on the Nature Coast for methamphetamine consumption. Between the syringes and other drug paraphernalia found on the streets, to the homeless breaking in to vacant houses to do their drugs or take a nap, Hudson has turned into the biggest drug infested community in Florida. I’ve made many attempts to get the attention of Jack Mariano, the District 5 county commissioner, on this matter, but all my requests for his help have landed on deaf ears.

If Jack doesn’t get his act together about fixing this problem, the meth-heads and homeless will be the only condo buyers for his multimillion dollar project on Sea Ranch Drive. Jack should start worrying about the folks who voted him into office instead of worrying about his own wallet.

Salvador Gutierrez Jr.


Be united

There are times when we all do not band together and claim unity. Only in the midst of a catastrophe do we unite as one nation to calm the things that might defeat us whole. We must work together to prevent the decay of the inner structure that made us a land of civil obedience for all men and women alike.

The divisions of today should be an awakening to the dangers that might break the threads of the fabric that holds this nation together.

If we separate as a nation into divisions, we will see within years unpredictable our basic core dissipate over time and be discredited, never again to be what was the United States of America. The flag must fly with reverence. The nation’s people must be one to prevent such a fate. Together we stand, divided we fall. This made these former colonies strong.

We have become self-centered and self-consumed and disregard our privileges and what it means to be an American.

Joseph P. Cairo

New Port Richey