Trash legislating

So, the Pasco County Commission is paying big trash companies extra to do a pilot recycling program. The original survey was flawed. For the last few years I have had a choice and J.D. Parker and Sons have picked up my recyclables once a week and my trash twice a week.

It seems the County Commission wants me to pay more for what I am already getting. I have been compliant with regulations when they required blue bags and now stickers. It seems the commission wants me to be stuck with a big company, instead of a local one. Then they will want me to pay more and buy a special container.

It seems the commission wants to take away the choice and good value this veteran senior citizen already has.

Mary Padget

New Port Richey

Fit enough

Regarding the Aug. 8 letter to the editor “Trump Unfit.” Yeah, he’s so unfit: taxes cuts; bonus to employees; pay increases; the remains of 55 patriots back from North Korea after 65 years of failure by all and more coming; billions saved on the F-35 fighter jet and new Air Force One; billions and trillions more in business revenue moving back into the U.S.A; the ACA coverage mandate (penalty) revoked; Dow Jones at 25,000; 40 to 50 percent reduction in illegals crossing the border.

These are the terrible things he’s accomplished, despite the stonewall opposition. So much more, but no room. Wake up.

Bill Durnell


Rich wrong

Columnist Rich Lowry is spreading misinformation again. In his “Medicare for all” column, he wrote that the law would eliminate insurance premiums and would provide “health care free of charge.” He is wrong, Medicare for all is not free, everyone will have to pay a monthly premium according to their income, just like every other citizen on Medicare does. Some people are bound to believe him without realizing he’s just spreading false information. I hope Rich would do a little research before spreading falsehoods.

Anthony Pizzuto