Far from truth

With almost every column he writes, Marty Moore manages to reveal his breathtaking ignorance about one or more aspects of American life or of the freedoms built into the Constitution.

According to the self-styled tolerant and liberal Moore, people with whom he disagrees — whom he characterizes as “paranoid conspiracy nuts” — “don’t have a right to free speech spewing racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia violating our very core values.” It seems that Moore, like so many “tolerant” liberals, is under the misapprehension that an American citizen’s right to free speech applies only to speech they don’t find offensive. Like so much of what Moore writes, nothing could be further from the truth.

Stu Raymond

Gulf Harbors

Time to change

I seldom write letters to the editor but this time I felt obligated to comment. You published a letter that stated, “If Trump found a cure for cancer he would still be evil.” What rage.

I’d question the judgment of the person who wrote that and the judgment, objectivity, fairness and social responsibility of the editor who chose to publish it.

Perhaps you need a new editor.

Stephen Casakos

New Port Richey

Greyhounds abused

Did you know that over the past decade there have been 419 positive drug test results in Florida racing greyhounds, including 70 cocaine-positives, all at our local dog tracks? These gentle hounds have also tested positive for muscle relaxants such as Novocain, lidocaine and dimethyl sulfoxide, an industrial solvent, and opiates like oxycodone and oxymorphone. In fact, drug positives spiked in 2017.

As one state lawmaker put it, this is cheating and should not be countenanced. More than that, it is downright cruel and inhumane and must stop.

Additionally, female greyhounds are routinely given anabolic steroids to prevent any loss of racing days, a practice that harms animal welfare and raises integrity concerns.

Please join me in supporting an end to this dubious enterprise. Dog racing is already illegal in 40 states. Please Vote Yes on Florida constitutional Amendment 13 during the Nov. 6 General Election.

Jaimee Parry

Tarpon Springs