Wholly Healthwise series to discuss 'How to Get Moving in 2021'

Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh

SPRING HILL — Keeping up your New Year’s resolution for getting in shape can often be difficult when you don’t know the first thing about exercise.

Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh thinks she can help.

She will lead a series of complimentary health lectures this year starting with Flex-Ercise: How to Get Moving in 2021.

Scunziano-Singh will present her interactive lecture from 5:30-7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 7, at the WellCome OM Integral Healing & Education Center, 4242 Lake in the Woods Drive, Spring Hill. An RSVP is encouraged by calling 352-600-4242.

“If I had to prioritize what one needs to do in a day, exercise is top-of-the-list right there alongside eating and breathing,” she said. “When we talk about doing some physical movement, I mean something that really makes a difference where you invigorate all muscles, where you engage in some kind of structured exercise.”

Walking from the car to the house, for example, won’t cut it. Instead, she encourages everyone to schedule a time in their day where they can get moving. Even if it means breaking up the 30 minutes of exercise into intervals of 10 minutes, her recommendation is to exercise each and every day. A gym membership is not needed to get us moving.

“No one should be taking days off. Your body is constantly requiring the physical movement of the musculature,” Scunziano-Singh said. “We have over 600 muscles in our body, they need to be moved on a regular basis.”

Why the emphasis on daily exercise? Without movement, our muscles can atrophy and grow weak, she said, and people wonder why they can’t move. From childhood onward, people should never stop exercising because it’s not always easy to get back into doing it again. The benefits of exercise include keeping up strength, balance, and all of your organs in good shape.

Her lecture will hit upon some misconceptions like a fear of appearing too muscular or getting hurt in the process. With more muscle, people will weigh more but on the other hand, as we age, we start to lose muscle bulk and its integrity.

“A lot of people think, ‘I’m losing weight,’ but they’re losing muscle weight,” she said. “The fat retains and fat has no shape. As we find out in life, it’s just kind of a blob. It’s the muscle that gives you the shape and the desired curve.”

Diet is a four-letter word that shouldn’t be used, she said, because it implies you’re cutting back on things. Along with exercise, eating right can help us feel better about ourselves. Our food programs should include a whole food, plant-based intake and everything else on your plate should be smaller.

Scunziano-Singh started offering bimonthly lectures 15 years ago out of her conventional practice at Access Healthcare until she opened the WellCome OM Integral Healing & Education Center in 2018. The new space provided room to grow her audience and provide more seating.

Visitors seeking a holistic approach to their health will find programs suitable for their needs at the center. From nutritional counseling and life coaching to massage therapy, the center’s mission is to help enhance the minds and bodies of men and women to attain and sustain health, peace, and fulfillment in life.

Scunziano-Singh earned her medical degree from New York Medical College and while there, she was recognized with the Joan M. Liman MD Award and the Enrico Fermi Scholarship/Certificate of Merit. She is board certified in internal medicine and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Upcoming lectures at WellCome OM Center will cover a variety of topics with her, including fall prevention at 1:30 p.m. on Jan. 21, sustainable living at 11 a.m. on Jan. 23, and the next Wholly Healthwise series on heart health at 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 11.

A list of events is available by visiting www.wellcomeomcenter.com.