A total of 16 ground depressions have opened in a portion of the Lakeside Woodlands community, near Hudson. Pasco County says the depressions are not a threat to life and are a private matter between the affected property owners and their insurers.

HUDSON — Since ground depressions opened in the Lakeside Woodlands community near Hudson on Aug. 13, Pasco County Emergency Management has been keeping an eye on the situation. The holes have appeared at 16 sites between Sylvan Drive and Willow Brook Court, in Lakeside Woodlands.

On Aug. 19, the county released a statement that said the depressions appeared to have grown slightly in size since they were discovered but were presenting no life-threatening danger.

Since none of the depressions are on public land, the county has told property owners in the vicinity of the depressions and the homeowners association officials the property owners should contact their insurance companies, according to Emergency Management.

The county said a depression that opened between two houses in the River Ridge area, northeast of New Port Richey, in September 2018 was also a private matter because no public property was involved. About a half of the 40 foot wide and 20 feet deep hole was under one of the River Ridge houses.

In 2017, the county looked into ways to try to fix the area around the Land O’ Lakes sinkhole, in Lake Padgett Estates, but officials in January 2018 determined the best course was to do nothing other than carry out some stabilization of the area and repair the public roadway damaged by the hole. The rest of the damage was a private matter, officials said.