TARPON SPRINGS — In yet another example of the people of Tarpon Springs coming together to give back to the community during the coronavirus crisis, residents of the Chesapeake Point mobile home co-op provided more than 75 lunches to staff members at a pair of local assisted-living facilities last week.

The lunches, which were provided by Jimmy’s Neighborhood Restaurant on Gulf Road, were delivered May 20 by volunteers from Chesapeake Point to employees at the Tarpon Bayou Center and the Sunset Harbor ALFs.

According to Nancy Olson, a resident who is married to the co-op president, they came up with the idea after driving past the nearby facilities every day and wanting to help out.

“Chesapeake Point is a 55+ community that is known for stepping up to help residents in need,” Olson said via email the day after the delivery. “Because of COVID-19, Chesapeake Point has also organized and collected for multiple food drives and looked beyond our park to see what else we could do.”

She explained how many Chesapeake Point residents were used to seeing the workers and residents of the ALFs on a daily basis, so they decided to “thank these employees for risking their health and their families' health as they continue their commitment for caring for their patients. We see the dedicated staff as we walk, bike or drive past these facilities and miss seeing some of their patients who used to sit out front or walk or rode in wheelchairs on our street.”

Olson said after collecting donations from the retirement community’s residents, Jimmy’s provided enough sandwiches, with potato salad, cole slaw and fruit, for 76 staffers at a “generous discount.”

“Many of us frequent Jimmy's and reached out to him first because he's our neighbor with delicious food and a great heart!” Olson said.

She noted the leftover money raised would be donated to the Shepherd Center.

“With residents generously donating more money than needed for the lunches, the surplus money will be given to the Shepherd Center, which provides groceries weekly to homebound seniors, veterans and disabled along with providing meals seven days a week to the homeless and displaced individuals and families,” she wrote.

After delivering the food to the delighted ALF staffers, Olson said the act was a small way for members of the Chesapeake Point community to give back.

“Tarpon Springs is a second home to many Chesapeake Pointers,” Olson said, “but we all have a passionate love for our little mobile home community of 60 homes in addition to the glorious beauty and people of Tarpon Springs!”