From left, Lt. Kyle Miller, driver/engineer Jared Crisp and paramedic John Barranco, members of the Tarpon Springs Fire Department, were recently recognized by the City Commission for a selfless act of kindness following the sudden death of a resident in late September.

TARPON SPRINGS — Three Tarpon Springs firefighters were recently recognized by city officials for what was described as a selfless act of kindness.

Lt. Kyle Miller, driver/engineer Jared Crisp and paramedic John Barranco were honored by the City Commission for helping an elderly woman cope with the sudden, tragic passing of her son in late September.

“On Sept. 19, they responded to an EMS call for a person down within our town,” TSFD Chief Scott Young explained during the Nov. 10 commission meeting. “Upon arrival, they found a man that was laying on the ground and unfortunately they had to pronounce the gentleman as deceased.”

Young said the man was in the process of mowing his elderly mother’s grass when he decided to take a break to cool down, “and it was during this time that he passed away, unfortunately.”

Rather than leave the scene, Young said the trio “tended to the mother and sister in their time of need,” while Lt. Miller “took it upon himself to finish mowing the mother’s grass because he knew it wasn’t going to be done any time soon.”

Young said TSFD crews are trained to always act professionally, but he noted on that day the three men “went above and beyond. It would’ve been nothing for them to just do the paperwork like a normal call and just return to the station. But they decided to help her out, which I find very commendable these days. It shows they care about the community’s residents. They showed a great deal of compassion and understanding, and these individuals showed outstanding professionalism and I’m proud to recognize them tonight for their actions.”

Young then presented the men with plaques commemorating their selfless act, and after they received a standing ovation, commissioners praised their performance.

“Mr. Barranco, Mr. Crisp and Mr. Miller, thank you and congratulations on your professionalism and the outstanding services that you provide to the city of Tarpon Springs,” Mayor Chris Alahouzos said. “We’re very proud of you for everything that you do for the people of Tarpon.”

Vice Mayor Jacob Karr noted “one of the great things about having a hometown police department and a hometown fire department is that there is more of a relationship and it’s more personal, and I think this is a great example of how you all took it upon yourselves to make that personal touch. So, thank you from myself and the rest of the board as well as the residents.”

Commissioner Townsend Tarapani agreed.

“You all really went above and beyond in what you did,” he said. “These are the types of stories that we want to hear throughout our community and be able pass on to the surrounding areas and the residents to let them know what a close-knit community Tarpon is.”