SPECIAL ELECTION: Port Richey elects two to council

Port Richey selected two city council members during Tuesday's special election.

Port Richey residents hit the polls again Tuesday and elected two candidates to City Council.

Three candidates were vying for two open seats. Tom Kinsella and Todd Maklary finished first and second, respectively, beating out third-place Joseph Parisi.

Residents cast 334 ballots and were asked to select two of the three candidates. Kinsella received 242, Maklary ended with 202 and Parisi got 114.

According to the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Office, voter turnout was 17.47 percent. Port Richey has 1,912 registered voters and 334 submitted ballots. The difference between ballots cast and total votes is because residents were asked to select two of the three candidates. The Supervisor of Elections Office reported that 110 ballots contained only one vote instead of two.

Turnout was down from the city's mayoral election in June. That special election received 566 ballots from 1,924 registered voters, or 29.42 percent.

Tuesday's election gets the city back to having a full, five-member board of elected representatives. Maklary has been acting an interim city councilman since late June. Kinsella takes over for another temporary city council member, Angel Nally, who was selected to occupy the seat by council in August.