Pasco Crime Report: Brick used in attempted murder

Holiday resident Nicholas James Mavrogiannis was arrested last week on a charge of attempted felony murder/homicide. He’s accused of using a brick to strike a female victim repeatedly in the face and head over a dispute for $40.

Man uses brick in attempted murder

HOLIDAY – Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a Holiday man on the afternoon of April 5 for attempted felony murder/homicide.

According to police reports, Nicholas James Mavrogiannis began to verbally threaten a female victim over $40 that was allegedly owed to him. Mavrogiannis is accused of threatening to beat the victim up if she did not pay him.

At approximately 2:10 a.m., March 28, the defendant entered a room the victim was sleeping in brandishing a brick. Reports state that Mavrogiannis shined a light on the victim and began striking her in the head several times in a “blitz attack.” The defendant refused to stop when the victim pled for mercy.

The victim was able to escape the room and ran for help inside the residence. Reports state that the brick strikes were so hard that the edges of the brick broke off and were lying on the bed soaked in blood.

Post Miranda, Mavrogiannis stated he did not know why he was being arrested and denied the allegations due to him having no violent criminal history.

Port Richey man facing battery, criminal mischief charges

NEW PORT RICHEY – Raymond Charles Hazelgrove, 24, was arrested last week after he punched and shattered the front windshield of a car and battered the mother of his girlfriend.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of April 7 when Hazelgrove returned to a New Port Richey residence he was moving from to get the rest of his personal property. When Hazelgrove arrived, he punched the windshield of a parked 2019 Toyota. The vehicle was purchased for the girlfriend and is owned by, Jeffrey Karp, who is the stepfather of Hazelgrove’s girlfriend.

After breaking the windshield, the defendant “approached his girlfriend in an aggressive manner,” according to police reports. The mother of the girlfriend, Dara Yannello, stepped in front of Hazelgrove fearing his intent was to harm her daughter. Hazelgrove is accused of then grabbing Yannello around both of her arms, at the biceps, and throwing her against a wall. Hazelgrove then fled on food and couldn’t be located.

Yannello sustained a swollen and bruised right shoulder. The windshield damage was described as “considerable,” but the monetary amount was not posted.

Lawn ornament theft results in DUI charge

HUDSON – Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 63-year-old Sonia Rosario on April 4 when an attempt to steal lawn ornaments from a Hudson residence resulted in a charge of driving under the influence.

Deputies were first alerted by a resident of a theft in progress at 10327 Autumnwood Dr. When deputies responded, they observed a Dodge Caliber parked sideways in the driveway of the residence and Rosario removing lawn ornaments from the property.

As deputies approached, Rosario unloaded the lawn ornaments and attempted to flee the scene. Rosario was stopped as she sat on the driver’s seat with the vehicle running and deputies observed initial signs of impairment. Rosario admitted to drinking three Natural Light beers before driving.

Field sobriety tests were conducted and 15 Natural Light beers from an 18 pack were found in the car, along with one empty can and a cold, half-empty can in the center console.

After being arrested and transported to the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center, an initial breathalyzer test showed “volume not met.” During the second sample, Rosario refused to provide any more breath and knocked the mouth piece off the tube.