Pasco & Pinellas Coronavirus Update

Florida Department of Health reported 109 new COVID-19 cases in Pasco County on Wednesday, bringing the count to 6,101. No new deaths were reported. The death toll stands at 68.

Since July 27, DOH has reported 298 new cases and no deaths. From July 20-26, 860 cases were reported and 25 deaths, which is the fewest cases since the week of July 6-12.

From July 13-19, 1,068 new cases and 16 deaths were reported — the most in any seven-day period thus far. From July 6-12, 909 cases and four deaths were reported, a slight improvement from the two prior weeks. From June 29-July 5, 997 new cases and seven deaths were reported, and 971 new cases were reported from June 22-28.

Pasco set a new one-day high in cases on June 27 with 304. June 26 was the previous record high with 156 new cases, breaking the record of 130 cases reported in one day on June 24.

In comparison, from June 15-21, DOH reported only 288 new cases and two deaths.

Statewide, the cumulative number of cases increased to 451,423 with 6,333 deaths on Wednesday. Cases in the United States totaled 4,363,511 with 149,407 deaths. Globally, more than 16.78 million cases have been reported with 661,349 deaths.

COVID-19 cases in Pasco include 6,072 residents and 29 non-residents. More cases were in females, 3,139 (52%) to 2,905 males. Gender was unknown in 28. The median age was 42. Seven percent were Black and 19% Hispanic.

Hospital capacity

Pasco’s hospitals had 21% staffed adult bed capacity (301 of 1,426) on Wednesday, compared to 22% (312 of 1,413) on Tuesday, 22.6% (313 of 1,386) on Monday, 23.5% (325 of 1,380) on Sunday, 22.3% capacity (309 or 1,384) on Saturday, compared to 19.4% capacity (266 of 1,370) on Friday and nearly 19% capacity (261 of 1,375) on Thursday.

The county had 13% ICU bed capacity (17 of 131) on Wednesday, compared to 14% capacity (20 of 134) on Tuesday, 17% (24 of 138) on Monday, 14% (19 of 136) on Sunday, 10% (13 of 130) on Saturday, 5.26% (7 of 133) of Friday and 7.46% (10 of 134) on Thursday.

Two hospitals reported zero capacity, Morton Plant North Bay and AdventHealth Dade City.

Medical Center of Trinity had eight, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point and AdventHealth Wesley Chapel each had four, and AdventHealth Zephyrhills had one.

One hospital reported zero capacity, AdventHealth Dade City. Medical Center of Trinity had 11, AdventHealth Wesley Chapel had four, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point and AdventHealth Zephyrhills each had two and Morton Plant North Bay had one.

All the county’s hospitals were reporting at least one ICU bed on Monday. Medical Center of Trinity had 10, AdventHealth Wesley Chapel had 7, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point had three, AdventHealth Zephyrhills had two, and Morton Plant North Bay and AdventHealth Dade City each had one.

Testing in Pasco

DOH reported on July 29 that 60,208 had been tested in Pasco with an average rate of 10% coming back as positive, the same as July 28, 27, 26, but up from 9.9% on July 25, 9.8% on July 24, 9.6% on July 23 and July 22, but up from 9.5% on July 21, 9.4% on July 20, 9.3% on July 19, 9.2% on July 18 and 9.1% on July 17. Forty-three tests were inconclusive and results were pending for 68.

In a summary report on daily testing in Pasco, DOH reported that 9.6% of 1,014 tests on July 28 were positive, 7.1% of 1,066 tests on July 27, 6.7% of 1,456 on July 26, 11.7% of 1,047 on July 25, 8.4% of 1,656 on July 24, 10.3% of 1,403 on July 23, 8.9% on July 22, 8.1% of 1,091 on July 21, 12.7% of 747 on July 20, 8.9 of 1,060 on July 19, 8.7% of 1,854 on July 18, 8.3% of 1,319 on July 17.

Case counts by city of residence

DOH provided updated and revised information on the city of residence for cases in Pasco on Wednesday. New Port Richey had the most, 1,416, with 874 from Land O’ Lakes, 837 from Wesley Chapel, 522 from Zephyrhills, 514 from Hudson, 505 from Port Richey, 474 from Dade City, 415 from Holiday, 111 from Spring Hill, 71 from Trinity, 38 from San Antonio, 20 from Odessa, 10 from Bayonet Point, eight from Lutz, five from Crystal Springs, four from Ridge Manor, three from Elfers, Trilby, Lacoochee and St. Leo, one from Shady Hills and Seven Springs, and 232 listed as missing.

Case counts in long-term care facilities

Since March, 527 cases have been reported in long-term care facilities, 9% of all cases. As of July 27, 218 cases had been reported in residents and 120 in staff by 30 long-term care facilities, including 60 by AdventHealth Care Center Zephyrhills South, 53 by Consulate Health Care of Bayonet Point, 48 by Orchard Ridge Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in New Port Richey, 38 by Baldomero Lopez Memorial Veterans Nursing Home in Land O’ Lakes, 28 by Madison Pointe Care Center in New Port Richey, 23 by Bear Creek Nursing Center in Hudson, 17 by Heritage Park Health and Rehabilitation Center in Dade City and 12 by Sunshine Christian Homes in Holiday. The rest had fewer than 12.

COVID-19 deaths

DOH removed one death from the county’s count in the age group 75-84 on July 27. The death toll stands at 68. No new deaths were reported on July 28 or 29.

At least 28 of the county’s deaths were residents of long-term care facilities. DOH released a weekly report on deaths at long-term care facilities on July 25. Eight deaths were reported from Royal Oak Nursing Center, four from Orchard Ridge and from Baldomero Lopez Memorial Veterans Nursing Home, three from Bear Creek Nursing Center, two from Heartland of Zephyrhills and one from Sunshine Christian Homes, Heritage Park Health and Rehabilitation Center and AdventHealth Care Center Zephyrhills South.

The District Six Medical Examiner’s Office released seven death investigation reports on July 28. All had gone to the hospital from their home except an 86-year-old woman who died July 23 from Sunshine Christian Homes and an 89-year-old woman who died July 23 from a Trinity rehabilitation facility.

The other deaths included a 75-year-old man who died July 11, an 84-year-old man who died July 15, from home in Port Richey to hospital, an 86-year-old woman who died July 17, a 77-year-old woman who died July 22 and a 97-year-old man who died July 23.

DOH announced on June 20 that a 17-year-old male had died. He is the youngest in the county to die. Only 17 deaths have been reported statewide in the 15-24 year-old age group, as of July 29, which is two more than reported on July 26.

Three deaths in Pasco were in the 35-44 age group, three in the 45-54 group, eight in the 55-64 group, 24 in 65-74, 15 in 75-84 and 14 in the age group 85 and up.

Pasco County Administrator Dan Biles issued an executive order June 23 requiring everyone in the county to use face coverings while indoors at a public business or county government facility, effective immediately.

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Pinellas County

Pinellas County’s COVID-19 case count was up to 15,800 on Wednesday with Florida Department of Health reporting that 259 more had tested positive. Five more residents have died due to the novel coronavirus, upping the death toll to 400.

Since July 27, 653 new cases and 27 deaths have been reported. From July 20-26, 1,675 new cases were reported and 59 deaths — the lowest weekly case count since June 22-28.

COVID-19 cases in Pinellas included 15,685 residents and 115 non-residents. More cases were in females, 8,426 (54%), to 7,252 in males. Gender was unknown for seven. Ages range from 0-104. Median age was 41. Seventeen percent were Black and 10% Hispanics.

DOH reported on July 29 that 1,426 have been hospitalized, including 1,405 residents (31 more than Monday) and 21 non-residents. About 9% of all cases have been hospitalized since March.

DOH reported that 156,276 tests had been done in Pinellas as of July 28 with an average rate of positive results at 10%, the same as July 27, 26, 25 and 24, but up from 9.9% on July 23, 22 and 21.

Note: All numbers are provisional and subject to change.

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