Mike Legg, left, Pasco County’s newly named Employee of the Year, discusses a script with Eric Jacobsen, the IT manager for Pasco County Libraries.

HUDSON — When something noteworthy takes place anywhere in Pasco County, Mike Legg is capturing the moment.

Last week, the spotlight was turned back on him when Legg was named the 2018 Pasco County Employee of the Year. He received his recognition at the Jan. 22 Pasco County Commission meeting, beating out nominees from several different departments. Overall, the county employs about 2,500 people.

“I am very honored and humbled, and also very surprised,” said Legg, who for the past four years has served as media content provider for Pasco County Libraries and at the Hudson Regional Library. “I travel all around the county and see firsthand all the great Pasco people in action.”

Legg, who lives in Port Richey and has resided in Pasco County for 55 years, has a job where he shoots videos and photos for different social media platforms. Often, the intent is to positively promote various county departments.

Also, his role is an important one for the transitioning library world.

“Our emphasis is to become more of a cultural center, reaching out to the community,” he said. “People tend to think that libraries are an industry that aren’t utilized anymore, and part of my job is to show the incredible value a library can be to a community. We have the resources not everyone has, and not everyone can afford to have. We can offer pretty much everything.”

In fact, one of Legg’s videos tells the story of the library through an animated book.

Others he’s proud of include one promoting Pasco Animal Services and its operation, and another that showcases the importance of the county’s elderly nutrition program.

“I feel good that what I do makes a difference in the community,” he said.