Pasco Crime Report: “Possessed” man batters pregnant girlfriend

Matthew Joseph Douglas, 26, told Pasco Sheriff’s deputies demons possessed him last week when he began choking his pregnant girlfriend for playing Xbox too late at night.

“Demons” triggered domestic battery

HUDSON – A 26-year-old Hudson man was arrested on domestic aggravated battery charges last week after he attacked his pregnant girlfriend.

Matthew Joseph Douglas, 26, claimed he wasn’t at fault, though. It was the demons possessing his body that took control and began choking his girlfriend for playing Xbox before bedtime.

After initially refusing to cooperate with Pasco Sheriff’s deputies, Douglas stated that demons took over his body, causing him to black out and perhaps become physical with his pregnant girlfriend.

The victim told deputies that she’s 18 weeks pregnant with Douglas’s child and that she was playing Xbox in their shared bedroom when Douglas said it was time for bed and shut off the gaming console. The victim turned the Xbox back on and that’s when Douglas grabbed her around the neck and began to choke her. She reported she was unable to breath and was in fear for her safety. Deputies viewed a small area of bruising at the base of the victim’s neck and three long scratch marks on the side of her neck.

Douglas was arrested and transported to the Pasco County Jail without further incident.


Arrest in carjacking death


HUDSON – Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies made an arrest last week in the April 27 carjacking and homicide of Hermel Rene Levesque, 74.

Deputies arrested 35-year-old Jose Antonio Morales Jr. on May 4, more than a week after he entered Levesque’s Ford Explorer and drove off with the victim still in the backseat. Arrest reports state that Morales stole Levesque’s vehicle after ditching his own car with three flat tires.

Levesque was in the parking lot of Saint Marks Presbyterian Church, 7922 S.R. 52 in Hudson setting up tables and other items for a craft market he used to operate weekly.

Witnesses reported seeing the stolen Ford Explorer with a trailer attached swerving and driving erratically eastbound on State Road 52. After about a half mile of reckless driving, Morales crashed and rolled the vehicle, causing Levesque to suffer fatal head injuries.

Morales was arrested and charged with felony grand theft auto and homicide.

Sexual battery and video voyeurism

NEW PORT RICHEY – Hector Velazquez-Gonzalez, 56, was arrested last week for battery and voyeurism after he took photos of himself putting his hands down a woman’s pants while she was sleeping and then posting the photos and videos on Facebook Messenger.

According to Pasco County Sheriff’s Office arrest reports, the victim found out about the incident when Velazquez-Gonzalez sent the pictures and videos to her and her husband on Facebook Messenger and via text message. The victim stated Velazquez-Gonzalez said he has been taking pictures and recording her for two years.

When interviewed by deputies, Velazquez-Gonzalez said he and the victim have been seeing each other for about two years. He admitted to taking the pictures and videos without the victim’s permission. He also admitted to sending the items to the victim and her husband.

Domestic battery for drinking vodka

LUTZ – Jason Armillei, 46, was arrested May 4 on domestic battery charges after being accused of attacking his girlfriend after she drank the last of his vodka.

The victim told deputies Armillei attacked her and hit her multiple times in the face. Armillei told deputies his girlfriend attacked him first and he defended himself by backing up and placing his hands out to block her, but never hitting her.

Deputies on scene reported that the victim was naked and her face was covered in blood and the blood ran down covering most of her body. Her left eye was swollen shut and was surrounded by “dark purple bruising.” Her nose was split and had blood coming from the top of her nose. Armillei had a slight laceration to the left side of his face and to his left leg.