Palm Harbor brewery raising money for family in need

Collette Madilk and her husband Greg, alongside their children, from left, Lily, Lincoln and Logan enjoy the family festivities at Stilt House Brewery.

Collette Madilk and her husband Greg, alongside their kids, from left, Lily, Lincoln and Logan enjoy the family festivities at Stilt House Brewery.

PALM HARBOR — On Memorial Day, the team at Stilt House Brewery held a charity event supporting a Pinellas County family after an accident.

Greg Mandilk was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash this year.

“He’s a contractor and rides a motorcycle to work,” said Stilt House owner Peggy Dakoff. “He was seriously injured.”

As the sole breadwinner in the family of five, they were left in dire straits.

Then the community stepped in.

“We know a catering company, LP Catering,” Dakoff said. “They were interested in doing some kind of event.” Each company would donate a portion of their proceeds to the family. With that, Stilt House was on board. The catering company provided the food, while Stilt House provided the space and, of course, the beer.

At the event, there was a 50-50 raffle, and Stilt House even had bucket on the bar selling the usually free stickers and coasters.

“LP’s collected gift cards from businesses,” Dakoff said. There was also an auction.

“The outpouring of support was so gratifying,” Dakoff said. “So many people donated items for the silent auction. So many people came and thanked us for doing this.”

Dakoff, who doesn’t live in Palm Harbor said, it would be her home if she planned on moving because of how giving the community is.

“I think people feel fragmented,” Dakoff said. “I think [giving] makes use all feel good.”

This isn’t the first time Stilt House has tried to give back. Before Dakoff started working there, they did a fundraiser for a sick young girl in the community.

“We’ve also gone to other places where there are fundraisers,” Dakoff said. The weekend of Sept. 11 last year, the Stilt House crew poured water at the race for first responders. “Our brewmaster created a beer for the celebration.”

This giving atmosphere might come from Stilt House’s family atmosphere.

“This fall will be our third anniversary,” Dakoff said. “We’re in our growing and building phase.”

When Stilt House first got started, there weren’t too many craft breweries. In fact, when they opened, they were the only brewery on the trails.

Stilt House started when three friends joked around about starting a brewery. They began brewing at various locations, one of which was a stilted house, hence the name. Two of the originators have left, leaving only Dakoff’s son.

“We have a relaxed atmosphere,” Dakoff said. “I was very happy we did this event.”

Stilt House Brewery is at 625 Alt. 19.