New Port Richey depression not a sinkhole, officials report

Pasco County Emergency Management officials stated that a depression that opened up earlier this month off Little Road in New Port Richey does not show indications of sinkhole activity.

NEW PORT RICHEY — The depression discovered off Little Road in New Port Richey earlier this month does not show indications of sinkhole activity "or any other uncommon geology," according to a Tuesday afternoon Pasco County press release.

After being discovered Oct. 5, the hole slowly expanded for about a week to roughly 46 feet in width and 130 feet in depth. Its entirety remains on private property on Spring Haven Boulevard, just west of Little Road. The hole's damaged portions of westbound Spring Haven and has affected two private properties: The Spring Haven Homeowner's Association and the Varsity Club sports bar and restaurant.

Engineering crews have monitored the depression since its discovery. According to the press release, Pasco County Emergency Management reviewed reports from deeper ground-penetrating radar testing and bore sample testing in the public right-of-way around the site of the depression. The soil and underlying limestone are stable, tests discovered.

Engineers recommended the county continually monitor the right-of-way as the private property owners work to fix the depression. No further county action is required at this time

The county will keep a portion of the right, southbound lane of Little Road closed until the hole is fixed. Work in the area could potentially impact the public right-of-way, the press release states.

County crews set up a chain-link fence around the depression following its discovering and is urging people to avoid the area.