BAYONET POINT — When it comes to fire, medical emergency, auto accident and hazardous materials calls, no part of Pasco County is more active that the Bayonet Point area, where U.S. 19-Gulf Coast Highway and State Road 52 meet.

That’s why it is getting a fire rescue station of its own.

The project is in the early stages and no planning documents have yet been generated, according to Tambrey Laine, Pasco Count public information officer.

What is known is that what will be Fire Rescue Station 2 is tentatively set to open in mid-2022, according to Corey Dierdorff, Pasco County Fire Rescue public information officer. It will be built on vacant land on the south side of S.R. 52 at Majestic Boulevard, opposite the S.R. 52 entrance to Beacon Woods. It would sit on the west side of the Overtime Sports Bar and Grill, he said.

Fire Rescue Station 2 will serve a new “first-response zone,” Dierdorff said.

Project costs have not been determined, but it will be funded by one of the four Go 4 Pasco general obligation bond issues approved by Pasco voters in 2018.

In addition to the general obligation bond issue to for fire rescue infrastructure improvements, voters in 2018 approved GO issues to expand the Pasco County Jail, remodel county library buildings and make parks and recreation improvements.

The Bayonet Point-area station is much needed, said Dierdorff, as it will not only reduce response time to calls in that area but will relieve nearby stations east, north and south of Bayonet Point so they can concentrate on calls in their own neighborhoods.

While it’s too early to say how the station will be equipped or staffed, the typical new station has a minimum of one fire engine and two ambulances, said Dierdorff. At least 18 personnel would be hired to man the station and that number of vehicles at all times, he said.

The area to be handled by Station 2 is now served by any one of three stations in the region: Fire Rescue Station 21, about 4 miles east on S.R. 52; Station 10, on Rhodes Road, four miles north on U.S. 19; and Station 11, in Embassy Hills, about four miles south of U.S. 19.

Placing a station within the busiest call area of the county would improve fire rescue service significantly, said Dierdorff.

“We always strive for the best and highest quality of service,” said Dierdorff, who thanked county residents for approving the bond issue that will allow the county Fire Rescue to maintain a high level of service. A new station not only provides better and faster service to its neighbors, but permits other stations to do the same, said Dierdorff. That’s particularly good for Station 11 at Embassy Hills, which receives the highest number of emergency calls of any station in the county, he said. Stations 10 and 21, which also respond to the Bayonet Point area, “are not far behind,” in the number of calls they receive, he added.