EAST LAKE – East Lake Fire Rescue officials are looking for volunteers to help restore the twin Dalmatian statues that guard the front of Station 57, at 3375 Tarpon Lake Boulevard.

The community fire department initially posted the request Feb. 1 on its Facebook page. The social media posting declared: “Our Dalmatians are in need of a little TLC! Do we have any artistic community members who would like to volunteer their time to take this project on?”

According to East Lake Fire Rescue spokesperson Claudia Faiola, the department hopes to reach one of the many artistic members of the greater East Lake community to help breath new life into the 13-year-old artwork.

“East Lake Fire Rescue is seeking assistance from a creative and artistic community member who would be willing to donate their talent and time to help restore Station 57’s Dalmatians,” Faiola said via email. “The Dalmatians are about 13 years old and will need to be sanded down or stripped, repainted and then resealed. They are cement figures painted with acrylic and sealed with an outdoor polyurethane.”

Faiola said anyone who is interested in tackling the project, free of charge, can reach her at 727-784-8668, Ext. 204, or by email at cfaiola@elfr.org.