Mid Florida Community Services

A program support aide prepares the Mid Florida Community Services van for a delivery.

Mid Florida Community Services recently received a $1,915 donation from Meals on Wheels America to assist its Senior Services program, which provides nutrition education, access to meals, telephone reassurance, emergency alert response, in-home respite care for services, and more.

During the month of November, participating McAlister’s Deli locations donated 10 cents from every cup or bowl of soup purchased to Meals on Wheels America. Mid Florida Community Services was one of many organizations to receive funds from the Warming Up the Community campaign. In Hernando County, 480 seniors benefit from the free services Mid Florida Community Services provides, but funding continues to be a critical aspect to helping these seniors.

“(The public can) advocate with local politicians,” said Steve Homan, seniors services director. “They’re the ones that get into Washington, D.C. and help advocate for community action funding coming down, and keeping our grant funding coming in for our wonderful programs that we have.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has decreased the number of volunteers involved with the program, so the nonprofit is currently looking to find more people to help with delivering meals or doing administration work. Homan added that the program is helping seniors navigate COVID-19 vaccine appointments, and is continuing to partner with restaurants to provide meals.

The nonprofit currently has a waiting list of seniors that need assistance, but that list is being whittled down to make room for more residents.

“If we can help somebody no matter what stage of life they’re in, if we can make a change and make their life better, it’s like the old adage: You give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime,” said Michael Georgini, chief executive officer. “If we can make those lifetime changes, then we have completed our mission statement.”

To learn how to get involved or find more information, visit Mid Florida Community Services Inc. on Facebook.