DOH-Pasco reaches "small milestone" with vaccinations

It's far from a mission-accomplished moment, but the Department of Health in Pasco County announced it has reached a "small milestone" in terms of administering COVID-19 vaccinations.

According to a Monday afternoon press release, DOH-Pasco stated that the county has vaccinated more people in one month than the total number of residents that have tested positive for COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic 11 months ago.

DOH-Pasco began its COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution Program on Dec. 31 and has vaccinated approximately 29,449 as of Monday afternoon. Of those receiving the vaccination, 6,513 individuals have completed their second and final dose.

Aiding the health department in its distribution process has been the state of Florida, various community hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, 55-and-older communities and DOH-Pasco drive-thru vaccination sites.

Monday's announcement came three days after the county received 9,700 doses of Moderna vaccine. Administration of those doses began Monday. DOH-Pasco is providing 700 first-dose vaccinations each day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Saint Leo University and 1,000 first-dose vaccinations on Tuesday at Gulf View Square Mall in Port Richey. There will also be 1,400 second-dose vaccinations administered on Thursday at Gulf View Square Mall.

The press release states that 3,163 vaccines will be distributed to residents in 55-and-up communities who are 65 and older.

DOH-Pasco reported that several churches have shown a significant interest in partnering to help reach the 65 and older population.

More information on DOH-Pasco's vaccination operations can be found at