Pasco & Pinellas Coronavirus Update

Pasco County’s COVID-19 case count showed a downward trend last week. Florida Department of Health reported 272 new cases from Sept. 28-Oct. 4, bringing the total to 9,476. Two more residents have died due to the novel coronavirus, increasing the death toll to 210.

From Sept. 21-27, DOH reported 340 new cases and nine deaths — 68 fewer cases and seven less deaths. From Sept. 14-20, Florida Department of Health reported 338 new cases and four deaths.

COVID-19 cases in Pasco include 9,411 residents and 65 non-residents. More cases were in females, 4,898 (52%) to 4,507 males. Gender was unknown in six. Ages ranged from 0-105. Median age was 42. Seven percent were Black and 24% Hispanic.

As of Oct. 4, 850 residents and five non-residents have been hospitalized in Pasco since March, or 9% of all cases. Pasco’s hospitals had 21% capacity in staffed adult beds (299 of 1,399) on Sunday and 11.5% (15 of 130) in ICU beds. All hospital reported at least one available ICU bed.

Statewide, the cumulative number of cases increased to 716,459 with 14,845 deaths. Cases in the United States totaled 7,399,459 with 209,408 deaths. Globally, more than 34.98 million cases have been reported with over 1 million deaths.

Testing in Pasco

In a summary report on daily testing in Pasco, DOH reported that 2.83% of 1,029 test results on Oct. 3 were positive, 3.40% of 1,022 on Oct. 2, 2.70% of 1,370 on Oct. 1, 4.66% of 983 on Sept. 30, 5.26% of 774 on Sept. 29, 4.11% of 1,097 on Sept. 28, 4.84% of 845 on Sept. 26 were positive, 5.18% of 1,044 on Sept. 25, 6.69% of 893 on Sept. 24, 4.83% of 1,045 on Sept. 23, 5.71% of 908 on Sept. 22 and 5.62% on Sept. 21.

DOH reported that results of 94,195 tests done since March in Pasco had an average rate of 9.99% coming back as positive as of Oct. 3, compared to 10.03% on Oct. 2-1, 10.05% on Sept. 30, 10.06% on Sept. 29, 10.02% on Sept. 28, 10.03% on Sept. 27, 10.04% on Sept. 26, 10.05% on Sept. 25, 10.04% on Sept. 24. Fifty-seven tests were inclusive and results were pending for 152.

Case counts by city of residence

DOH provided updated and revised information on the city of residence for cases in Pasco on Oct. 4. New Port Richey had the most, 2,062, with 1,322 from Land O’ Lakes, 1,266 from Wesley Chapel, 801 from Dade City, 787 from Hudson, 781 from Zephyrhills, 776 from Port Richey, 603 from Holiday, 200 from Spring Hill, 127 from Trinity, 71 from San Antonio, 35 from Odessa, 18 from Lutz, 14 from Saint Leo, 12 from Bayonet Point, nine from Lacoochee, six from Trilby, five from Ridge Manor, four from Shady Hills, three from Crystal Springs and Elfers, two from Seven Springs and 497 listed as missing.

COVID-19 deaths

DOH ended up reporting two new COVID-19-related deaths from Sept. 28-Oct. 4. At one point there were more, but the state subtracted the death it added Sept. 30 and removed one more on Oct. 4. The death toll rose to 210.

One death has been reported in the 15-24 age group, none death in the age 25-34 group, four in the 35-44 age group, five in the 45-54 group, 22 in the 55-64 group, 54 in 65-74, 59 in 75-84 and 65 in the age group 85 and up (30%).

At least 100 of the county’s deaths were residents of long-term care facilities.

No deaths were reported on Oct. 4. Details on two were released Oct. 3, an 88-year-old woman and a 87-year-old man. On Sept. 30, DOH reported the death of a 79-year-old man. No deaths were reported from Sept. 26-29.

DOH reported the death of two men ages 82 and 74 on Sept. 25 and on Sept. 24, the death of a 93-year-old man. DOH confirmed the death of a 60-year-old man on Sept. 23.

DOH reported six more COVID-19 related deaths in Pasco on Sept. 21, including two 95-year-old women and four men ages 86, 80, 60 and 57.

Pasco County Administrator Dan Biles issued an executive order June 23 requiring everyone in the county to use face coverings while indoors at a public business or county government facility.

Pinellas County

DOH added 65 new COVID-19 cases to Pinellas County’s total on Oct. 4, bringing the count to 22,509. The death toll stands at 763. It was the first time since Sept. 28 that no new deaths were reported.

From Sept. 28-Oct. 4, 505 new cases were reported and 19 deaths — down one case from last week with four fewer deaths. From Sept. 21-27, 506 new cases were reported and 23 deaths, which was a decrease in cases but an increase in deaths from the previous week.

COVID-19 cases in Pinellas included 22,355 residents and 154 non-residents. More cases were in females, 12,071 (54%), to 10,282 in males. Gender was unknown in two. Ages range from 0-105. Median age was 43. Eighteen percent were Black, and 12% were Hispanic.

About 10% of all cases in the county have been hospitalized since March. DOH reported that 2,320 residents and 23 non-residents had been hospitalized in Pinellas.

According to testing information on the county specific report, According to DOH, 2.91% of 2,302 test results on Oct. 3 were positive, 4.48% of 2,194 results on Oct. 2, 2.47% of 3,235 on Oct. 1, 3.20% of 2,666 results on Sept. 30.

No new deaths were reported on Oct. 4. DOH reported four COVID-19 related deaths in Pinellas on Oct. 3, and provided details on seven, including one women age 94, and six men ages 92, 86, 75, 75, 65 and 64. The death toll rose to 763.

Pinellas is has the sixth highest death rate in the state at 3.4% and 763 deaths. Charlotte County has the highest rate at 4.5% and 140 deaths. Hernando County is No. 2 with a death rate of 4.2% and 135 deaths. Highlands County is No. 3 with a rate of 4.1% and 91 deaths. Citrus County is No. 4 with a rate of 3.8% and 108 deaths. Indian River County (118 deaths) is tied with St. Lucie County (292 deaths) with rates of 3.6% for fifth highest.

At least 535 of the county’s deaths were residents or staff at one of the county’s long-term care facilities. Pinellas is No. 3 in the state with reporting 9% of deaths at these facilities. Dade County is No. 1 with 808 deaths, or 14%, and Palm Beach County is No. 2 with 609 deaths, or 10%.

Note: All numbers are provisional and subject to change.