Pasco & Pinellas Coronavirus Update

From Nov. 16-22, Florida Department of Health added 1,132 new cases of COVID-19 cases to Pasco County’s total, bringing the count to 13,679. Five more residents have died due to the novel coronavirus, upping the death toll to 264.

Case counts have been steadily rising in recent weeks. From Nov. 9-15, DOH added 759 new cases and nine deaths, and from Nov. 2-8, 725 new cases and six deaths were added.

From Oct. 26-Nov. 1, DOH reported 543 new cases and eight deaths, and the week before, Oct. 19-25, 384 new cases and 11 more deaths were reported.

COVID-19 cases in Pasco include 13,545 residents and 134 non-residents. More cases were in females, 7,095 (52%) to 6,422 males. Gender was unknown in 28. Ages ranged from 0-105. Median age was 43. Seven percent were Black and 22% Hispanic.

As of Nov. 22, 1,163 residents and eight non-residents have been hospitalized in Pasco since March, or 9% of all cases. Pasco’s hospitals had 24% capacity in staffed adult beds (348 of 1,425) on Sunday and 16% (22 of 136) in ICU beds. All hospitals had at least once ICU bed available except AdventHealth Wesley Chapel.

DOH’s report on daily testing showed that 8.22% of 1,831 test results on Nov. 20 were positive, 11.03% of 1,662 results on Nov. 19, 8.54% of 2,025 on Nov. 18, 8.66% of 1,951 on Nov. 17, and 6.87% of 1,410 on Nov. 16.

Statewide, the cumulative number of cases increased to 938,414 with 18,213 deaths on Nov. 22. Cases in the United States totaled 12,177,301 with 256,442 deaths. Globally, more than 58.45 million cases have been reported with nearly 1.38 million deaths.

Case counts by city of residence

DOH provided updated and revised information on the city of residence for cases in Pasco on Nov. 21. New Port Richey had the most, 2,800, with 1,875 from Wesley Chapel, 1,851 from Land O’ Lakes, 1,187 from Zephyrhills, 1,094 from Hudson, 1,073 from Dade City, 1,008 from Port Richey, 804 from Holiday, 264 from Spring Hill, 222 from Trinity, 108 from San Antonio, 62 from Odessa, 44 from Lutz, 26 from Saint Leo, 16 from Lacoochee, 12 from Bayonet Point, eight from Ridge Manor, six from Trilby, six from Shady Hills, six from Crystal Springs, three from Elfers, two from Seven Springs and 909 listed as missing.

Since March, 1,026 cases have been reported in long-term care facilities, 8% of all cases.

COVID-19 deaths

As of Nov. 22, DOH has reported 264 COVID-19 related deaths in Pasco County, five more than last week.

One death has been reported in the 15-24 age group, zero deaths in the age 25-34 group, four in the 35-44 age group, seven in the 45-54 group, 26 in the 55-64 group, 71 in 65-74 (27%), 80 in 75-84 (30%) and 75 in the age group 85 and up (28%).

At least, 111 of the county’s deaths were residents of long-term care facilities. According to DOH’s weekly report on deaths at long-term care facilities, as of Nov. 6, 16 deaths had been reported by AdventHealth Care Center Zephyrhills South, 16 by Baldomero Lopez Memorial Veterans Nursing Home and 12 by Consulate Health Care of Bayonet Point.

Nine deaths were reported by Bear Creek Nursing Center, eight by Royal Oak Nursing Center and seven by Sunshine Christian Homes and Orchard Ridge.

Four had been reported by Heartland of Zephyrhills and Heritage Park Health and Rehabilitation Center. Three had been reported by Madison Pointe Care Center and Trinity Regional Rehab Center.

Two deaths had been reported by Windsor Woods Rehab and Healthcare Center, and Beach House Assisted Living and Memory Care at Wiregrass Ranch.

One death had been reported by Rosecastle of Zephyrhills, Southern Pines Healthcare Center, Sun Coast

Retreat, Grand Villa of New Port Richey, Forest Glen Lodges, Brookdale New Port Richey and Consulate Health Care of New Port Richey.

Pinellas County

DOH reported 267 new COVID-19 cases in Pinellas County Nov. 22, upping the count to 30,878. The death toll stands at 867.

Weekly case counts and the number of deaths have been steadily increasing. From Nov. 16-22, 1,769 more cases and 13 deaths were reported — 438 more cases than the week prior. From Nov. 9-15, 1,331 new cases and 23 more deaths were reported. From Nov. 2-8, 1,434 new cases and eight deaths were reported — 350 more cases than the week before.

COVID-19 cases in Pinellas included 30,531 residents and 347 non-residents. More cases were in females, 16,374 (54%), to 14,136 in males. Gender was unknown in 21. Ages range from 0-105. Median age was 43. Fifteen percent were Black, and 11% were Hispanic.

About 10% of all cases in the county have been hospitalized since March. DOH reported that 2,770 residents and 30 non-residents had been hospitalized in Pinellas.

DOH reported that 4.73% of 6,283 test results on Nov. 20 were positive, 6.32% of 4,284 results on Nov. 19, 5.24% of 5,025 on Nov. 18, 6.21% of 3,608 results on Nov. 17 and 5.77% of 3,397 on Nov. 16.

DOH reported one move COVID-19 related death on Nov. 21, a 105-year-old woman. The death toll rose to 867.

In Pinellas, one death has been reported in the 15-24 age group, three deaths in the 25-34 age group, eight in the 35-44 group (1%), 25 in 45-54 (3%), 76 in 55-64 (9%), 172 in 65-74 (20%), 265 in 75-84 (31%) and 317 (37%) in ages 85 and up.

Since March, 4,532 cases have been reported at long-term care facilities, or 15% of cases in the county.

At least 594 of the county’s deaths were residents or staff at one of the county’s long-term care facilities. Pinellas is No. 3 in the state with reporting 8% of deaths at these facilities. Dade County is No. 1 with 857 deaths, or 12%, and Palm Beach County is No. 2 with 742 deaths, or 10%.

Note: All numbers are provisional and subject to change.