Letters to the editor, Sept. 14

Glad I went
If the movie “Lee Daniel’s The Butler” were being advertised as a civil rights movie I think I would not have gone to see it. I went because I wanted to see the historic value of the activities of this White House butler from Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan. Instead, the movies showed a side of civil rights abuse of black Americans that I never imagined.
We, as Americans, should be ashamed of the way we treated black Americans. I am glad we elected a black president.
Joseph Bugelli
New Port Richey
The real issue
The use of chemical weapons is not a political issue. I don’t care if Assad did it, or the rebels or Al-Qaeda. The fact is that chemical weapons of mass destruction were used.
I suggest everyone research how these weapons can kill millions. Biological and chemical weapons are the most destructive weapons known to mankind, bar none. For any nation or any people to use them is the cruelest means of killing possible. Whoever is responsible must be stopped no matter what other nations may think or say.
Let’s get off of your twisted thinking that everything is political or is the president’s fault. Think selfishly of not wanting people dying because of the uses of these powerful weapons. They could easily be brought to our country.
Ken Tucker
New Port Richey
Solution needed
I want to vent after almost getting hit while holding my daughter tonight trying to cross a street that is clearly marked “State Law — Pedestrian Crossing” next to the Sims Park playground. To top it off it was busy with children because of the 9/11 ceremony.
The crossing markers were promptly replaced after I contacted the city. Now we have to deal with idiots who cannot read and speed through, paying no attention to the kids.
We need a real solution — flashing lights, speed bumps, police on patrol — before someone gets hit and it gets really expensive.
Clinton C. Wynn
New Port Richey
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