Letters to the editor, Sept. 11

Recycling ordeal
I have a great deal of respect and appreciation for garbage collectors, but once again our recycling was not picked up although it was clearly marked with the new recycling sticker provided by Pasco County. My neighbors’ across the street were picked up.
The news media has been pushing residents to recycle, but I am not sure how this is possible. I have called, I have emailed, I have left the recycling out all day. I have had it in blue bags and in a separate garbage can clearly labeled with the recycling sticker.
I am totally frustrated and really about over trying to recycle. I have even taken my recycling to Pinellas County. Please let me know how the county can want us to recycle when it is almost impossible to do so.
Anne Ridge
Don’t give up
I was sorry to hear about the difficulties with recycling Anne Ridge relates in her letter to the editor. Believe me, no trash hauler wants an upset customer, and I certainly do not want to lose a dedicated recycler.
I have contacted the Pasco operations manager of Ms. Ridge’s waste hauler to ask him to work with his route supervisor to determine what’s happening and, hopefully, to resolve the situation to her satisfaction. If this is not resolved, then she should contact me directly and I will look into it further for her.
Jennifer L. Seney
Spring Hill
The writer is the Pasco County recycling coordinator.
Health cost shift
The last thing hardworking Americans need is to have their employers cut back their hours because of harmful health care laws. It is clear, however, Obamacare will hurt Americans more than it helps them.
Many believe most private insurance plans will be driven out of business by Obamacare and many employers will stop offering health insurance and accept the modest penalty this will trigger, shifting more individuals toward subsidized insurance, ultimately increasing the costs of exchange subsidies for private insurance.
Under Obamacare the younger generation will bear the financial burden of seniors far more than ever before.
Janet Paus
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