Letters to the editor, July 24

Excellent work

On behalf of the African American Club of Pasco, I want to express our deep thanks and appreciation for your powerful, well-written, commonsensical editorial in your July 17 editions regarding Trayvon Martin, your excellent article on the Moffitt Colon Cancer Study seeking African American participation, and your notifying the public of our emergency meeting this week to consider an AAC response to the killing of Trayvon and the outcome of the courtroom trial for the man who killed him.

We are organizing a gathering for Aug. 3, following our monthly meeting, to seek advice on how we in Pasco County can avoid an incident like the one that killed Trayvon, and as we begin, to distribute fliers, receive confirmation of panel members and confirm the presence of Pasco County leadership. Rest assured we will inform your news media first.

Dan Callaghan
New Port Richey

The writer is secretary of the African American Club of Pasco.

USPS defended

As a letter carrier for 33 years I want to address inaccuracies frequently written about the U.S. Postal Service.

First, the Postal Service receives zero tax dollars to operate, nor does its shortfall contribute to the national debt.

Most Americans are unaware that in 2006 Congress passed legislation requiring the Postal Service to pre-fund its retiree health benefit plan 75 years, and to do it in 10 years. This means the Postal Service is paying those benefits for people who will be working for them decades from now, but who haven't been born yet. No other business, public or private, has had this kind of burden placed on it.

Regarding claims that UPS and FedEx are more efficient, every day, UPS and FedEx trucks drop pallets of parcels on Postal Service docks all across the country for letter carriers to deliver to addresses that are not cost effective for those two companies to service. The Postal Service does not add a fuel surcharge or charge extra for Saturday delivery, as those companies do.

Jerry Lonergan
Spring Hill
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