Letters to the editor, July 20

Not their moneyI read your July 17 news article on the Urban Land Institute's return to Pasco County with astonishment at how quickly county commissioners are willing to spend $125,000 of taxpayers' money for another useless event, having the institute prepare a follow-up to its 2008 assessment of the county's needs.What amazes me is the statement from Pasco Planning and Development Manager Richard Gehring that the ULI team will devote its time deciding what steps this county might take in a recovering economy to make our county a thriving community.Maybe the low-information people are not familiar with our economy. Our nation's economy is in a shambles, contrary to the fabricated reports created by the regime in charge. There is no recovery in sight.But, then again, our politicians are not to concerned when the expenditures they approve don't affect their bank accounts.P. J. NeustadtNew Port RicheyBad billU.S. Rep. Gus Bilirakis isn't against immigration or an immigration bill, as a July 13 letter to the editor suggested. He and many of us just don't want another 1986 immigration bill, which was never enforced, or the 2006 border bill, which has never been enforced.The immigration bill before Congress is full of loopholes and pork belly projects. The first thing we need to do is to seal the border. Then, and only then, will we be able to insert the other parts of the proposed immigration overhaul.As for the Immigration part, people who sneaked into our country or overstayed their visa are illegal. Period. If any of us went to any other country and did this we'd be jailed, perhaps for years, and then deported - if not executed, no questions asked.On top of that, people come here from other countries to get away from turmoil and repression, then they try to change our country to the way they want it. They should go back to where you came from, join the military there and change their own countries.Bill DurnellHoliday
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