Letters to the editor, Feb. 8

Guns matter
I feel compelled to write this because of all the talk from anti-Second Amendment people such as President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. They all have bodyguards who have guns with high-capacity magazines. Why? To protect these hypocritical politicians.
They feel it's OK to have guns to protect them, but what about ordinary citizens like me? They want to take away my right to protect my family and myself.
Someone once said the police can protect us. Well, when seconds count, the police are minutes away. The job of the police is to investigate, pursue criminals and make arrests after a crime has been committed.
A federal judge just gave back the Second Amendment rights of the people of Chicago. I'm anxious to see how fast the crime rate goes down there, now that good people will gave guns. Will that change some of our politicians' minds? I hope so.
Michael Patch
New Port Richey
Super deception
If anyone watched the Super Bowl with an open mind, there is only one conclusion that you can come to: The Bookies were the only winners nationwide.
The winning team was not favored to win in the betting game. The point spread could not have been greater. The final score was an odd combination, making it even more difficult to pick than the national lottery. The errors made by the Denver team were like watching a magic show — extremely difficult to believe.
Follow the money to get a valid appraisal of the real winners of this Super Bowl. You will find that the public lost the contest.
Richard E. Allard
New Port Richey
Un-Common meddling
Common Core is a product of the secular progressives whose purpose is undermining the moral fabric of America's children.
Public education belongs under the purview of the local teachers and parents. We do not want or need the federal bureaucracy taking control of our kids. Whenever the government meddles in affairs such as this, expenses rise and success dwindles.
Carole Gleason-Minor
St. Petersburg
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