Letters to the editor, Aug. 28

Taxing my sanity

Glad to see the story in your Aug. 21 editions on opposition to Pasco County’s plan to increase the gasoline tax. Many of us wouldn’t know about it otherwise, until it was too late.

Everyone who works in or live near adjoining counties will buy gas in those places instead of Pasco if the county increases the gas tax by five cents a gallon. I’m five minutes from Pinellas and would buy gas there.

This shows the stupidity of Pasco’s leaderless leaders. This is one reason why the county is in a shambles and always has been. Cut corners and eventually you run out of corners. Thus, we go in circles.

Fire all of them, including Washington, D.C.

Bill Durnell


All down hill

Len Tria’s right-wing diatribe in his Aug, 21 column “We’re Approaching a Constitutional Cliff” started off ridiculously and went steadily downhill from there.

He lobbed vague references at the current administration, accusing it of no less than the collapse of modern democracy and capitalism. He made it sound as if we’ve simply opened up the borders, offered a tin-foil hat theory of government infiltration and then topped off his crazy salad by invoking the tea party as the voice of reason.

If Tria wants to get to the root of the “economic collapse” he implied President Barack Obama is trying to create, I suggest he start by looking at his own party, specifically the eight years of George W. Bush, which actually did almost collapse our economy.

Michael McGinty


Stick to code

Pasco County officials say we can’t afford to hire more code enforcement officers. I say we cannot afford not to hire more code enforcers.

The small residential developments that made Pasco County are becoming slums because people are not keeping up their property. Houses on which banks have foreclosed seem to be the biggest offenders, but rentals seem to play a role, too.

The county needs to help the people who do maintain their property and raise the fines and those who don’t. I would pay to have more code enforcers.

Barbara Stusio

Port Richey

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