Letters to the editor, Aug. 16

Disguised intent
Your editorial, in the Suncoast News, on Wednesday, August 14, 2013, regarding the Teacher’s Union recommendation for “Loyalty Pay Raises,” for Pasco teachers was right on target.
The Union’s recommendation is a thinly veiled attempt to hide their tired old ploy of seniority-based pay raises, which have created some of the problems of students who fail to meet minimum standards of learning.
Let us hope the Pasco School Board is wise enough to see through this smoke screen by the teachers union and uses the funds Gov. Rick Scott and the Legislature allocated to give raises to deserving teachers according to their performance in the classroom.
Max Risner
Incorrect stereotype
On April 13 Pasco County Sheriff Nocco came to our Civic Association building in Holiday Lake Estates. He came with his command staff for a town hall type meeting. Sheriff Nocco stated on several occasions that night that crime in Holiday Lake Estates was down significantly. He backed that statement up with a PowerPoint presentation.
On May 2, the sheriff was back in our subdivision for a public sweep of the neighborhood by law enforcement and code enforcement officers. I attended the pre-sweep meeting and Sheriff Nocco told about 40 officers and staff once again that crime was down in our subdivision.
A Window On Pasco item in your May 4 edition about the May 2 sweep stated that the sheriff said “Holiday Lake Estates was experiencing more crime in recent months.” This statement is completely opposite of what the sheriff said about our subdivision, which was that crime here is down. Conditions are not out of hand here in Holiday Lake Estates, as the news item suggested.
Thank you for continuing the negative but incorrect stereotype of our community. We have a lot of people who live here who spend many volunteer hours improving our community. This is not a bad place to live and I’m sick and tired of outsiders stating otherwise.
Kathy Hornock
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