Letters to the editor, Aug. 10

At it again
Once again Beacon Woods is trying to dictate to the state.
First, Beacon Woods created the mess on U.S. 19 by the entrance to Leisure Beach when its residents demanded the state deny access from the Walmart via Beacon Woods Drive. Then it opposed left-hand access to U.S. 19 from Beach Drive, at the entrance to Leisure Beach.
Now it is leading a campaign to have a traffic light installed at the U.S. 19-Beach Drive intersection, despite the fact that it is less than 500 feet from the existing light at U.S. 19 Beacon Woods Drive.
A light at Beach Drive would only create more of a mess than what we have now. The logical move would be to allow two-way traffic, across the bridge leading out of the Walmart parking lot, but Beacon Woods leaders have roadblocked this alternative.
Beacon Woods has been doing this for years. It insisted on keeping outsiders from using Beacon Woods streets to drive between Fivay Road, S.R. 52 and U.S. 19.
Kenneth Sturmer
Bayonet Point
It's our fault
Over the last few years Beacon Square, Beacon Gardens and other parts of the Holiday area have been classified as a Third World country. I don't like it.
I am tired of it, but they're right. It's our fault. We, the residents of the area, let it happen. The slum lords are helping create the problem by not maintaining their rental property.
We must take back our neighborhoods. Only we can help.
Do you see houses in need of repair, broken windows, grass and weeds 2 feet tall, old furniture and appliances, boats, trailers, unlicensed cars and trucks, and commercial vehicles parked in front yards? Call Pasco County Code Compliance at (727) 847-8171.
Do you see vehicles speeding on our streets or strange happenings? Call the Sheriff's Office at 911 for emergencies and (727) 844-7711 for nonemergencies.
Do your streets have potholes and other maintenance problems? Call Pasco County Road and Bridge at (727) 847-8143.
Our property values have taken a nosedive. We must take back our neighborhoods.
Albert Kuiper