Graphics firm relocates to downtown Tarpon

TARPON SPRINGS - Alan and Nicolle Brusky wanted to get their young business more centrally located in the city and got that mission accomplished last Thursday afternoon.

Fireleaf Design, a Tarpon Springs graphic design and marketing company founded in 2011, held a ribbon cutting at its new downtown home.

"We're really excited," Alan Brusky said of the relocation. "It's kind of been my goal since I started freelancing to have a space in downtown Tarpon, so this is a big milestone for us."

Fireleaf previously operated out of 400-square-foot office on Spruce Street that provided inadequate exposure.

The firm's new digs, sporting a sharp, modern decor of red, silver and black, has its frontage on Orange Street just around the corner of Pinellas Avenue. The office is across the street from one of the city's most prominent landmarks, the copper-clad dome of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

Beyond the increased number of eyeballs seeing the Fireleaf signage, Brusky said, he thinks its a positive to bring something a little different to the area.

"I'm originally from North Boston, so I'm used to a hometown feel and that's what we've gotten here in Tarpon since we've moved here," he said.

"The downtown area really needs some business diversification, a little more young business, and we're looking to add to that."

The new location is additionally appropriate considering one of Fireleaf's primary functions as a company is to help increase the exposure and recognition of those it services.

"We specialize in small business branding and sustainable graphic design," Brusky said while briefly describing the company that does business nationwide and globally. "We work with small businesses that really need the attention of a major agency but can't really afford to go that route."

While handling everything from a client's logo and brand to its marketing strategies and social media strategy, Fireleaf also strives to do so in green fashion.

The company was featured in a Graphic Design USA Magazine article last October for its sustainable design practices. Those include doing business digitally rather than with paper, using more environmentally friendly inks and simply limiting amounts of materials utilized on a day-to-day basis.

"Sustainable graphic design is our real true mission in helping small businesses struggling to streamline their brands," Brusky said. "We try to give them that power because it really does change the way a business will be run."

More information on Fireleaf Design can be found at its website,, or by finding it on Facebook.
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