Pasco Crime Report: Man using fraudulent credit cards for gas

Alexis Castillo Tarrago, 43, was arrested last week for purchasing gasoline and diesel fuel with more than 70 fraudulent credit cards disguised as gift cards. He was also in possession of large quantities of fuel in his van.

Credit card fraud for gas

NEW PORT RICHEY – Alexeis Castillo Tarrago, 43, was arrested last week in New Port Richey when a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputy found him to be in possession of more than 70 fraudulent credit cards during a traffic stop.

Authorities were alerted to Tarrago by the manager of a gas station on Aug. 21 because the defendant had more than nine cancelled and completed transactions. A Pasco Sheriff’s deputy eventually pulled over Tarrago’s 2007 Chevrolet van for driving 35 miles per hour in a 50 mile-per-hour zone, not maintaining a lane and having an unregistered license plate number that also came back to another vehicle.

Tarrago, a Safety Harbor resident, did not have a valid driver’s license and had a warrant for failure to pay child support from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

The search of the van produced the 70-plus altered or recoded credit cards, which were concealed in the form of various gift cards. Also found inside the van were fuel tanks, bladders, drums and other containers that are illegal to use for transporting fuel on public highways. It was not disclosed how much gasoline or diesel fuel Tarrago had in the van or what he was planning on doing with the materials.

Tarrago was arrested on charges of aggravated white-collar crime and the unlawful conveyance of fuel. He was transported to the Pasco County Jail without incident.

Electricity bandit

NEW PORT RICHEY – What 40-year-old Kevin Sciallis was planning on doing Aug. 21 is unknown, but it was enough to land him in jail for loitering and prowling.

According to Pasco Sheriff’s reports, deputies were alerted when multiple residents of a New Port Richey neighborhood called and reported seeing Sciallis walking around behind homes. He wasn’t just walking around, however, Sciallis was turning off the power to the homes via electrical boxes.

A deputy arrived to the neighborhood between 10:30 and 11 p.m. and found Sciallis behind a home at 7802 Hardwick Drive. Sciallis refused to tell the deputy what he was doing, but he was found in possession of pliers and a screw driver. Sciallis continued to refuse to speak with the deputy and was arrested and transported to the Pasco County Jail.

Bad Samaritans

NEW PORT RICHEY – So much for doing a good deed.

A man and his niece were arrested Aug. 20 after they robbed an Uber Eats driver who had been involved in a car crash. Rather than assisting the man in the disabled vehicle, Glenn Joseph Antonietti, 57, and Lisa Nicole Antonietti, 33, tried to steal a purse from his car.

The victim told deputies Lisa Antonietti grabbed the purse from the passenger side floorboard and walked away with it before handing it to her uncle. The victim got out to confront them and said Lisa Antonietti choked him from behind while Glenn Antonietti punched him in the face. A witness approached and the victim got the purse back before the defendants fled in a gold minivan. The victim reported about 60 Alprazolam pills were stolen from the purse.

The Antoniettis vehicle was eventually pulled over at a Hudson McDonald’s, 9441 State Road 52. The suspects provided conflicting reports when interviewed, with both saying the other had stolen the purse.

None of the victim’s property was found during searches of the vehicle and defendants. Deputies did, however, find drug paraphernalia, including a syringe and glass smoking pipe containing burnt white residue.

Glenn Antonietti was arrested for robbery by sudden snatching with no weapon and possession of cocaine. Lisa Antonietti was arrestesd on the robbery by sudden snatching with no weapon charge.

Extra dough for pizza manager

PORT RICHEY – Joshua Lerod Pringles, 30, the manager of a Port Richey Dominos, was arrested Aug. 19 on a charge of scheming to defraud the business for more than $2,000.

Pasco Sheriff’s reports state that Pringles was pocketing the cash from carryout orders and cancelling the orders as if they had never been picked up. Pringles continued to carry out the carryout scheme until being confronted by the owner of the store. The owner, Jerry Campbell, conducted a store audit after an email complaint was received from a customer who saw the defendant pocket the money she used to pay for her pizza order.