HUDSON – A Hudson High School student was arrested and charged with felony battery March 31 after a fight that resulted in the victim being airlifted to the hospital, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

Police reports state that a sheriff’s office deputy first met with two witnesses who were in the area of the fight and observed the defendant, an 18-year-old male, and an unidentified juvenile victim arguing. One of the witnesses heard a “slap” noise, the report states, that was consistent with a hand striking human skin that came from the area where the victim and the defendant were located.

The deputy met with the defendant to conduct a post-Miranda interview, reporting that the defendant admitted to being present in the hallway with the victim, that there was an altercation with the victim, and that he struck the side of the victim’s head with his right hand.

The victim was airlifted to an area hospital. While receiving medical attention, the victim was placed under medical sedation, reports state, leaving him unable to speak with the deputy prior to being airlifted.

Medical findings showed the victim sustained two fractures to the left side of his skull and bleeding on the brain.