Kayla Brady stands among some of the many items in her shop, Country Rustic Décor in Spring Hill. The shop caters to those looking for everything from knickknacks to furniture and barn doors to decorate country style.

SPRING HILL — Stick around long enough, and what’s old becomes new again.

Old barn-wood accent walls, country farmhouse and rustic décor and furnishings are all the rage thanks to TV shows and home decorating websites and magazines. It’s the reason for being at Country Rustic Décor, a little shop in Spring Hill that creates and sells everything one needs to go a little (or a lot) country.

Kayla Brady is the owner of the shop at 4047 Mariner Blvd. and has taken over from her former employers Ron and Kim Davis.

“The country farmhouse look is what a lot of people are into,” said Davis, who crafts vintage-style signs and country furniture from scratch or by repurposing or restoring original pieces.

She owes a lot of the demand to TV shows like “Fixer Upper,” whose decorator-host is Joanna Gaines, a Waco, Texas, designer who specializes in the country farmhouse style.

“They see the show and it gives them a lot of ideas,” said Brady. “A lot of them don’t want to buy things as much as they want to do it themselves.”

That’s made restoration products like chalk paint one of the most popular items in the store. Brady stocks loads of colors from a Florida company to meet the demand from people who’ve found an old table, chair or chest they want to transform into country chic.

It’s easy, said Brady. There’s no sanding, just paint, scrape or sand off some corners for that worn and weathered look and you’re done.

If you like your furniture ready to go, Brady has that, too. It’s custom made by her at home then brought to the shop.

“I’ve always been crafty,” she said. “When I started working with Kim and Ron I learned about furniture and then I got into doing that.”

While one thinks of older homesteads in the Brooksville countryside as the market for her wares, Brady said people would be surprised by the number of newer, contemporary homes in Spring Hill that have been transformed on the inside.

“Outside they are new-style homes, but you go inside and it’s this,” she said, pointing around her shop to old window treatments, signs, mirrors and farmhouse tables. “It’s kind of surprising.”

Signs are one of the most requested items. The shop has several ready-made, but many bring in photos or magazines with photos of signs they would like recreated, something Brady loves to do.

“We can do anything anyone wants,” she said.

Rustic, sliding barn doors are another popular item. They can be custom made, or be original finds sourced from an old home or barn. One customer bought one of the doors to use as a headboard. Another bought a television and entertainment console made of barn doors.

Perhaps the hottest trend now is barn-wood accent walls. Salvaged or faux wood planks are installed ship-lap style horizontally to create an interesting focal point.

“A lot of people like that look,” said Brady, adding it is a way to transform a room that goes well beyond new paint or hanging pictures.

Brady also prides herself on stocking locally produced goods. She has a potter in Homosassa who makes custom pieces for her shop. A local woman makes the fragrant soaps that perfume Rustic Décor with lilac and rose. She also takes in interesting salvage items people are looking to sell.

Styles may change, but Brady is banking on the enduring appeal of the country look, which for many is what makes a home feel like home.

“It’s hanging in there pretty well,” she said of the look. “It’s traditional, so it isn’t like a passing fad.”