ODESSA — Pasco County Commission has approved a $76,000 incentive to Micron PharmaWorks as they begin a $900,000 capital improvement at its Odessa plant.

The funding, scheduled to be paid out over a four-year period, will help the company with an 11,000-square-foot expansion.

Pasco Office of Economic Growth Manager David Engle said the agreement is based on job creation for the company, which specializes in manufacturing and rebuilding pharmaceutical packaging machinery.

“They have proven to be a robust, major manufacturing company for our county,” Engel said. “They have a facility in West Pasco Industrial Park consisting of precision engineers who work the machine shop as well as a manufacturing floor.”

He noted the company has been active in using apprentices with three currently employed at the plant.

“They have also sent a young, local individual to college for two years paying his tuition,” Engel said. “The young individual has returned as a full-time employee to PharmaWorks.”

He said the expansion would add to the current manufacturing building and the average annual wage of the 19 new jobs to be created will be $55,695.

“This new addition will allow PharmaWorks to increase their sales by $36 million,” Engel said. “It will benefit the direct, indirect and induced employment of 27 persons with average annual wages exceeding $1.1 million. It will also create an average addition of $3.6 million to the county’s gross domestic product.”

Estimates are the county will see a return of $47 for every dollar committed to the incentive.

Peter Buczynsky, president of PharmaWorks, commented that “this is a great county.”

“The county has been very supportive since we moved here in 2004,” Buczynsky said. “It’s exciting. We’ve gotten involved with the county and it’s a good place to expand. The support we are getting is just phenomenal. We are growing and that is a challenge in itself. We appreciate all the support.”

He also noted the success the company has had with the intern program that employs high school students while giving them a technical education.

“We currently have three and we’d like to take on more,” Buczynsky said.

There was no timetable announced for the new construction.