The construction of this three-story self-storage facility on U.S. 19, south of Bayonet Point will continue, but Pasco County has called a 180-day halt to construction of mini-warehouse and self-storage facilities. The moratorium, which the County Commission approved June 19, does not apply to construction projects approved before May 7.

NEW PORT RICHEY – Pasco County Commissioners gave its approval June 19 for an ordinance that would temporarily stop the submission and acceptance of mini-warehouses and self-storage facilities construction.

The ordinance and the 180-day moratorium it imposes would not affect those mini-warehouse and self-storage facility construction projects that had completed the county’s approval process by May 7.

County officials say they need more time to study the impact of the storage businesses as their numbers grow in Pasco.

The County Commission can choose to extend the mini-warehouse and self-storage facility moratorium past its current 180-day deadline. The ordinance only applies to the unincorporated portions of the county.

A report accompanying the ordinance says Pasco Planning and Development Department is continuously reviewing the performance of the county’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code to ensure consistency and the appropriateness of development in the county.

“As such there is a need to research and develop standards within the 2025 Pasco County Comprehensive Plan policies that support design standards to preserve and enhance the visual and the functional characteristics of certain locations among major commercial corridors,” states the report, which was presented to the county commissioners.

Under the newly adopted ordinance, Planning and Development Department staff is allowed to research what are considered the best practices for the development of mini-warehouse and self-storage facilities within the county and to analyze whether additional standards relating to these uses should be added to the development code.

The ordinance makes it a point of noting that the nonprofit Self Storage Association industry group represents “one of the most rapidly multiplying industry sectors across the country, and especially in Florida.”

The County Commission is not the only government entity in Pasco with concerns about the impact of growing business sectors. Expressing concern about the number of car sales lots within its limits, the New Port Richey City Council voted in mid-April to enact a 180-day moratorium on additional new- or used-car dealerships within the city.