Brian McNeill, president and CEO of TouchPoint Inc., at podium, announcing that his company’s TouchPoint Medical unit has selected a site in Pasco County for its global headquarters and Americas operational facility.

LUTZ — A company that makes hardware and software products used in hospitals and other health settings is consolidating its operations with a move to Pasco County.

The Pasco Economic Development Council announced June 19 that TouchPoint Medical will buy land in Pasco and construct a 118,200-square-foot building. TouchPoint is making a $23 million capital investment in Pasco County that will create 116 jobs, according to the EDC.

“We are thrilled to welcome TouchPoint Medical to Pasco County. The economic impact for the county is going to be very significant,” Pasco EDC President and CEO Bill Cronin said in announcing the company’s relocation.

In addition to the 116 new jobs, the TouchPoint move will have an estimated economic impact of 118 indirect jobs, an average of $63 million in personal income annually, and an average yearly addition of $31 million to the Pasco Gross County Product, Cronin said.

“We are looking forward to building a great relationship with the entire team,” he added.

TouchPoint Medical chose Pasco for its global headquarters and Americas operational facility after a “thorough evaluation of multiple options,” said Brian McNeill, president and CEO of TouchPoint Inc., the privately held Philadelphia-based parent company of TouchPoint Medical.

At present, TouchPoint Medical’s operations are spread out among a number of states.

“TouchPoint Medical is a growth platform for our company and we needed a location that would enable us to attract and retain a talented and motivated workforce with ample expansion capability,” McNeill said. With that goal in mind, Pasco County and the Suncoast proved a “perfect fit,” McNeill, chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, said.

As part of the TouchPoint Medical relocation deal, Pasco County is providing financial incentives from its Penny for Pasco sales tax revenue. The incentive program seeks to lure “companies that are creating high-impact jobs” to Pasco, according to the EDC.

“We love when large company operations locate to Pasco and take part in the programs we offer,” County Commission Chairman Mike Wells said.

This relocation was made possible by partnerships with Enterprise Florida, Pasco County and the Pasco Development Council. The average annual wage TouchPoint Medical anticipates offering employees will exceed the 2018 Pasco County average by 150 percent.

TouchPoint Medical’s product line includes automated medication-dispensing equipment and mobile and stationary carrier systems for medical and information technology.