PA0801 regional expansion.jpg

Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point submitted this diagram to Pasco County officials showing new construction, highlighted in blue, and major renovations, in yellow, at the Hudson-area hospital. The project, which will upgrade surgical facilities at the Hudson-area hospital, could take about 18 months, administrators say.

HUDSON — After the opening of Pasco County’s first Neuro Interventional Surgery program, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point is planning a major renovation and expansion of the hospital’s surgical services, according to Kurt Conover, the hospital's marketing director.

The project includes enlarging and updating the hospital’s existing operating rooms, construction of a new Central Sterile service area and expansion of the post-anesthesia care unit.

The 19,000-square-foot project will cost a projected $14.7 million for phase I. New construction will be at the back of the south end of the hospital, on the opposite end of the campus from the hospital’s emergency rooms and Level II trauma center.

The surgical unit buildout will not impact existing roads or visitor parking, Conover said.

The expansion and renovation should take about 18 months to complete, he said.

There will be no increase in the number of licensed beds, Project Manager Nathaniel Linden wrote in a summary filed May 11 with Pasco County. The planned changes do not affect parking requirements, so more spaces will not have to be added.

The project will require replacing an 8-inch sanitary sewer pipeline to a 10-inch pipeline. The surgery suite construction will require the addition of a 4-inch sanitary sewer pipeline.