Letters to the editor, Dec. 25

Change gun laws
When will our lawmakers come to their senses and stop the unnecessary bloodshed? Will we have to wait until it is one of their children who is affected? Schools used to be safe havens for our teachers and our children.
Will we have to constantly look over our shoulders and wonder if we will get to see our families again because of the laxity of the gun regulations? Enough is enough. Our gun laws must change now.
Sheila Schwartzman
Failing the poor
What if Rick Scott had not been elected governor of Florida? Perhaps the $51 billion dollars that was not used to expand Medicaid in Florida would have reached the state’s working poor. And perhaps if he helped the Affordable Care Act get off the ground in Florida, like Kentucky, New York and other states did, the process of insuring people would have gone more smoothly. Navigators were needed to help sign people up and this would have created more jobs. A sorry excuse for a governor.
Betty Dean
Festivus thoughts
In response to the Festivus pole being displayed in Tallahassee: First, is the pole in violation of the open container law? The constitution says the government will not impose a (singular) religion on the people and that everyone is free to worship their religion. That’s why we have the manger to remind us that Christ is the reason for the season. Beer cans are only for the consumption of the individual who drank them. Being a biker, I have a patch that says “eternity is too long to be wrong,” So I say let the gentleman worship his beer pole. I only wish he’d picked a better beer than Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Raymond Paul Guglielmini
Dade City
Twerking to fame
Fifty years ago in 1963, many folks thought of the Beatles as outrageous. At the time, their hair was long and shaggy. Although looking back, it actually looks short by today’s standards. And what about Twiggy? In the meantime, the young and “hot” Miley Cyrus is twerking, jiggling and jangling all the way to the bank. Folks are watching her every move and anything she does makes news. In my opinion, it’s incredibly ingenious. Cyrus is in the spotlight — exactly where she wants to be. Nevertheless, 50 years from now, my hunch is that comparatively speaking, Cyrus’ antics will be much ado about nothing. Some young newbie with a fresh twist, will be the next talk of the town.
JoAnn Lee Frank
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