Letters to the editor, April 10

Facts first In response to J.H. Weidemeyer’s letter to the editor in the April 3 edition of Trinity Weekly, “Man First,” while everybody is entitled to his opinion, I’m instantly biased against letters that invoke biblical quotes to validate his criticism of putting environmental concerns ahead of human safety as regards the proposed Ridge Road extension. Not everybody has the same beliefs as Weidemeyer. People should make their points with facts, science and even popular opinion. Just because a holy book grants mankind some form of “dominion” over all creatures that does not make that dominion the law. If people want to start quoting scripture, let’s look at some from Leviticus or Deuteronomy. We could all have a good laugh. Michael McGinty
Trinity Wrong choice In his April 3 letter to the editor “Short-sighted View,” Itzy Friedman rejected columnist Luis Viera’s view that the Democratic Party is outside the mainstream on abortion. It is a shame that people who are for abortion are so uninformed. They are always saying that it is a choice but don’t realize that the choice was made when they decided to have that intimate relationship with the opposite gender. The result is a little baby who now has the right to life. Abortion is so cruel to a child; yes, a child. The child has a heartbeat and has its own features very early. It is helpless and needs a mother’s love, not a cruel death. Brian Francisco New Port Richey Freedom’s guardians God so loved the world he created America and the keepers of the flame of freedom, our disabled veterans and the guardians of our way of life. Their undying humane compassion, sympathy and consideration for others – and it is evident – has showcased the true meaning of freedom. These freedom fighters are unmatched by those in any other nation the world over. They keep the love of freedom in the hearts and minds of God’s creation as the humanity of mankind. Each and every veteran is – and always have been – the building blocks of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. George Edward Kollmer Port Richey
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