Letters to the editor, April 3

Man first
According to the first chapter of Genesis, God gave man dominion over all the Earth and everything that creeps on the Earth. Doesn't this mean man is in control?
Yet there are people who believe the opposite and would place the value of snakes, rodents and other wildlife above human life when it comes to building the Ridge Road extension to the Suncoast Parkway and beyond as an evacuation route for West Pasco.
If another storm like the “No Name Storm” or a severe hurricane came from the west, where could thousands of people go to save their lives? The existing roads could not accommodate them.
Since 1998, Pasco County has spent many thousands of dollars trying to get the Ridge Road extension approved but to no avail. The environmentalists have put the cart before the horse. Why? What have they to gain? Do any of them live in a Pasco County flood area?
J.H. Weidemeyer
Port Richey
Short-sighted view
Who appointed Luis Viera or any other narrow-minded Republican — thank g-d there aren't too many — high potentate charged with deciding who may or may not choose to abort their pregnancy, based on their own values as a human being?
Viera began his op-ed column in your March 30 edition, “Democrats Out of Big Tent on Abortion,” by citing who was invited to speak at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. He told us what terrible people they are but compared to the illustrious speaker at the Republican Convention, who had an extended conversation with an empty chair, I'm sure the Democrats' speeches were far more interesting.
Viera mentioned “freedom” in his misguided commentary, which begs the question, whose “freedom?” His freedom to denigrate women for aborting an unwanted pregnancy? His freedom to dictate women don't deserve to have that freedom to choose what happens to their bodies?
Viera needs to open his mind to the fact that women have the right to decide. No one, particularly a short-sighted man, can change that.
Itzy Friedman
Beacon Woods
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