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Cypress Creek Mall Builder Offers Plan To Shield Stream

WESLEY CHAPEL - Less than a week after federal officials suspended a developer's right to develop part of its property, Cypress Creek Town Center officials today outlined plans to correct problems that last month flooded a nearby creek with muddy water. The plans were spelled out in a set of letters sent to the Army Corps of Engineers, the federal agency that oversees wetlands and water quality. On Feb. 1, the corps suspended the Richard E. Jacobs Group's right to develop on 54 acres of former wetlands. Eric Summa, the corps' enforcement chief, said his office has received Jacobs' proposed quick fixes but needs more time to decide whether those will be enough to justify reinstating the suspended permit. "After we are assured that the plan meets our requirements and that the issue is temporarily corrected, we will then seek a more permanent solution," Summa said.
Jacobs filled the wetlands to increase the buildable land on its 510-acre site, which straddles State Road 56 at Interstate 75. Some of those wetlands fed Cypress Creek, a major tributary of the Hillsborough River. Among the temporary fixes to reduce pollution at the site, Jacobs proposes pumping muddy water from a creekside wetland into an adjacent retention pond. The muddy water then would be treated with alum to force solids to settle to the bottom of the pond.

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