Abortion 'safety' laws are theocratic baloney

Safe, legal and rare. That was how Bill Clinton described his vision for abortions when he was president. I don't know just how rare they can be called - there are about 1.2 million abortions for every four million live births in the U.S. - but they appear to be extraordinarily safe, with only 12 deaths resulting when the procedure was done in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy in 2009, the last year for which data are available.

So the abortion mullahs have set about to impose the "rare" part at the expense of the "safe" and "legal" parts through onerous regulations passed or in the works in 29 states. Since they can't constitutionally get away with legislating based on their biased religious sentiments they have gone to great lengths to pretend their actions are aimed at protecting women. Ironically the people most concerned about women's reproductive health, women, and their ob-gyns, see it as complete hooey.

Under the new Texas law, all but five of the state's 42 abortion clinics will be shuttered for not meeting the much higher and inapplicable standards for ambulatory surgical centers; fetal viability is redefined from the biologically sound 24 weeks to the partisanly trendy 20 weeks; and abortion providers are required to hold admitting privileges at local hospitals.

These are simply ploys to restrict a woman's right to control her body by chiseling away at the Supreme Courts' 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade. For example, local emergency room personnel are best equipped to handle medical emergencies so admitting privileges are irrelevant anyway. And requirements for full surgical suites for uncomplicated first trimester abortions are absurd.

Compare this subterfuge to the approach Maryland has taken. Its new rules were proposed by actual health experts not "religiticians." Maryland legislators, as opposed to their yahoo counterparts across the country, strictly considered what will improve women's safety and not simply feigned concern in order to close clinics on technicalities like the size of hallways and janitors' closets, adequacy of lighting in waiting rooms or number of parking spaces. Rather, they looked at the goal: Are clinics professionally run and regularly inspected? Are abortion practitioners licensed? Is there a sound plan for rapid evacuation if a patient has a medical emergency?

As states move to make abortions less "legal" they won't make them more "rare" - women have been getting abortions for centuries - they will only make them less "safe" as desperate young women turn to unsavory creeps like abortion murderer Kermit Gosnell.

So let's cut the phony baloney about women's health and call out these punitive restrictions for what they truly are; blatant sectarian discrimination against people who don't hold the same self-righteous opinions on when life begins.

Marty Moore is a freelance writer living in Port Richey.
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